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About Turf King

landscaped yard Turf King is one of the only professional landscapers in Chico that has continually educated themselves on plant biology and how to treat properties with natural biology applications rather than spraying chemical after chemical into the ground you and your family enjoy. Turf King uses a biological program based on the proven Soil Food Web system developed by microbiologist Dr. Elaine Ingham, PhD. Turf King saves you money and earns your landscape rave reviews. Turf King will transition your property's landscape maintenance to healthy, earth friendly practices without missing a beat.

Turf King eliminates the use of chemical fertilizers in your landscape by building up the soil biology. The presence of robust communities of unseen microbes on leaf surfaces and bark helps protect these surfaces from disease organisms and penetration by insects, further reducing the need for chemical treatments that degrade our health and environment.

Turf King is ahead of the curve in today's shift to sustainability in landscape services. Using radically less water and leaving the chemicals behind, Turf King's biological approach improves your landscape and lowers your cost. Eco-friendly biology-based programs are currently succeeding on five continents. These programs bring great productivity and lasting vigor to residential and commercial landscapes, ranches, farms, gardens and public lands. When you're ready for dramatic improvement in the appearance of your property, go green with Turf King's biological landscape services.

Smart Water Solutions

As of January 1, 2012 California mandates the installation of "smart controllers". The California model water ordinance could move that date up to the beginning of 2010. "smart controllers" need "smart systems" in order to work properly for the landscape and are needed to maximize your efficiency and water savings.

An irrigation system can be made up of "smart products" but the designer, installer and manager of the system all need to be making "smart decisions" in order for it to maximize water savings. A "smart controller" is a tool, and like any other tool you must use it correctly.