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Beautiful Landscaping in Chico

Turf King in Chico, CA is your best choice for your landscaping needs. Turf king will transform your outside area into a relaxing and healing enviornment. Turf King is one of the only professional landscapers in Chico that has continually educated themselves on plant biology and how to treat properties with natural biology applications rather than spraying chemical after chemical into the ground you and your family enjoy. Turf King can save you money and will transition your property's landscape maintenance to healthy, earth friendly practices without missing a beat.

Think about this; you're arriving home after a long day of work, as you step out of your vehicle you're welcomed by your beautiful front yard. Turf King has transformed your landscape into a peaceful oasis... your green lawn is healthy, your flowers and shrubs are in full bloom as you close your eyes and breath in the natural smells, as you near the front door you hear the trickle of the water fountain and let out a sigh of relief.

Turf King professional landscaping has been serving the residential and commercial properties of the North State for over 30 years. Whether you're looking for basic landscape maintenance, interested in installing a smart irrigation system, or wanting to create a backyard tropical getaway Turf King is your best choice.